kitchen sensation

design by Moreau from arthur bonnet «signatures» line

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A sound system fitted into the work surface

Nowadays, new activities are investing the kitchen area: people work in them, listen to music and surf on the Internet… Arthur Bonnet wanted to make those new tools available to its kitchen users, without turning this living area into a technology laboratory! And designer Marc Moreau did just that: “I wanted a kitchen that could include new technological tools and more importantly, I wanted those tools to be put at the service of its users, in their daily lives. So we needed to create an area that would unbridle emotions, feelings… and sensations! In particular, we worked on the installation of a totally new sound system, with the work surface becoming a huge speaker that’s part of the kitchen. This model also means you can access the internet or watch a video.”

Real user comfort

The aluminium splashback is a real innovation, with an ingenious system that lights the work surface thanks to a LED strip directly fitted into the aluminium profile. It’s very comfortable to work with, casting shadows out towards the user with no dazzling effect. A functional rail supports the whole range of specific splashback accessories: shelf, hook, spice rack, chopping board, knife holder and bookends… In terms of motorization, the electrical opening and closing system for wall units means an average size person can easily close lift-up and bi-fold doors. Doors are gently opened by simply pressing on the front. You just have to press on the sensor once more to close. It’s easy, pleasant and effective! As for the electrically aided opening system of sliding components, drawers and low-standing units, it gives enhanced freedom of control and greater opening comfort.

When technology goes hand in hand with aesthetics

With this layout, we’ve opted for a rather refined style, softened and warmed by the flow of the citrus wood finish of the table surface, splashback and recesses.
The Sensations model combines pure and essential lines and the efficient sobriety of fronts devoid of knobs and handles.

Fronts are in acrylic, with a mirror effect in a shiny Lily-white colour. This model is light and airy, and gives an impression of space thanks to the play of many reflections.