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Ultra-shiny and matt: opposites attract

Egérie is an extremely practical kitchen that cuts down on wasted time: a large linear cooking unit and large cabinets to house all groceries. The laminated chocolate-coloured island unit includes a laminated oak-effect table which acts as an extension to conviviality, through an invitation to prolong the preparation of the meal through sharing.

Smooth and reassuring materials

Fronts are made of structured bleached larch-coloured melamine-coated board, which gives it a raised pattern that is hard to distinguish from the veins of real wood. This aspect is further reinforced by the feel of its pleasant and reassuring texture. The sloping oat-coloured lacquered glass of wall units contrasts with the other elements. Glass fronts are surrounded by aluminium and opened thanks to a handle fitted into the profile.

Egérie: a huge range of possibilities

The Egérie model also comes in a range of wood effects, such as Siamese teak, rosewood, bamboo strips, or a woven effect that’s both low-key and original… choose your own material and colour combinations or leave it up to your designer, Arthur Bonnet!

Electrical appliances that are rich in surprises

Egérie is low-key and discrete, but it is also surprising with its hood nestling like a jewel in its presentation box. When the meal is ready you just hide it all away! As for electrical appliances, the Electrolux ensemble contributes its own collection of innovations, with for instance the stainless steel multifunction pyrolytic oven and its side opening.